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Art Exhibition

featuring 50 works of Art, by 50 different artists, for $50 each.

August 02, 2013

7pm - 10pm

The 50/50 Show

smARTspace at 78th | Cleveland, Ohio

The 50/50 Show 2013

One of Cleveland's most loved art shows. Part Exhibition, Part Raffle, all fun.
And everyone has a chance of walking away with quality art at a very affordable price.

50 Works of Art

Original works of art, presented "salon" style for your consideration.

50 Artists

From local favorites, to established regional and nationally known Artists

Sold for $50

Everyone has a chance of walking away with a piece (or two) for Fifty Dollars.

Participating Artists

Mikey Arnold

Joe Ayala

Oliver Barrett


Jordan Beier

Craig "Uncle Dreg" Booth

Justin Brennan

Sean Burns

Scott Burr

Scott Byler

Jason R. Carroll

R!ch Cihlar

Dave Cintron

Hadley K Conner

Christine Irene Cotter

Sarah Curry

Natalia Dale

Dana Depew

Eileen Dorsey

Andy Dreamingwolf

Steve Ehret

Susie Frazier

Heather Gargon

Keri Gortz

David Greathouse

Derek Walter Grubaugh

Ben Haehn

Laurel Herbold

Nancy Hollingsworth

Sara Hoover

Jeff Hulligan

Beki Ingram

Sarah Isenhart

Eric Kaplan

Brian Kelly

E Kelly

Sean Kelly

Steve Knerem

Peter Larson

Billy Ludwig

Geoff May

Barb Merritt

Dan Morgan

Julie Morgan

Erin Mulligan

Nathaniel Murray

Billy Nainiger

Loren Naji

Jessica Newell

Justin Nottke

Shannon Okey

Angela Oster

Anastasia Pantsios

Bob Peck

Blazing Saddle Cycle

Lindsey Pilko

Veronica Piscopo

Ashley Ribblett

Thom Rossino

Christina M Sadowski

Will Sanchez

Dott Schneider

Briette Shaeffer

Rustbelt Welding

Michael Spear

Colin Toke

Josh Usmani

Anthony Van Roy

Lauren Vandivere

Bob Walls

Garrett Weider

Liz Wingerter

Rebecca Yody

JenMarie Zeleznak

Evie Zimmer

Make Plans to Attend

This show has always been very well received, for its fun social atmosphere and for the great art at a reasonable price. Save the date and come early so you have plenty of time to see all the works for sale.

The 50/50 Show

It's All About The Art

The 50/50 Show

The 50/50 Show gives you a chance to build your Art Collection at a very reasonable price.

smARTspace at 78th

A unique mixed use space inside 78th Street Studios,
west-side Cleveland's largest arts center.


smARTspace at 78th Street

1305 W. 78th Street

Cleveland, Ohio 44102

For More Info Visit their website

The 50/50 Show

Media Gallery

The 50/50 Show

Photos, videos, flyers, and art from previous shows.

We Hope To See You There

The 50/50 Show

Save The Date | August 02, 2013

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The 50/50 Show

Interview with Artist Robert Banks


Interview with Artist Anthony Van Rooy


Interview with Artist Dan Morgan

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Event Photos 2012 50/50 Show

Looks like everyone was having a good time. Check out this gallery of event photos from the 2012 50/50 show. Complete image gallery available here:

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Art Buyers 2012 50/50 Show

Everyone has a chance to get a piece for $50, these were some of the lucky ones. Complete image gallery available here:

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2013 Show Flyer

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